Say Oui to France!

Getting married in France

French marriage laws are straightforward and apply to foreigners and French nationals alike.  A couple must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age. However, there are exceptions to the rule, which can only be approved by a local procureur de la République (Crown Prosecutor.)
  • Not be related in any way to their partner.
  • Not be married at the time of union (be it in France or abroad)
  • Reside in France or have been a resident for at least one month from the announcement of the banns.Each person must provide the following:

    • A form of identity
    • Proof of current or future residence.
    • Information relevant to the witnesses’ (such as personal and professional details)
    • A full birth certificate- Required within three months if issued in France- Required within six month if issued abroad.
    • Should a pre-nuptial agreement have been drawn up, it must be signed by a notary.
    • Foreign nationals should enquire at their local Mayor or consulate on what forms of documentation might be required.

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France is the perfect destination for your next wedding event: